About Us

Your Protein Hut is a premium quality Kenyan meat shop that is currently located in Muthaiga Square food court Nairobi and on the website address www.yphut.com. We are offering our consumers a variety of Premium Quality Kenyan Meat products as well as other services.

We aim to bring up a facility that can consistently provide products and services that meet our, clients and regulatory requirements.

Our facility is up to standard and has a large storage capacity that will meet the highest of our clients’ demands. We offer several services including the sale of meat and meat products, informative services, and deliveries. Our outlet is highly hygienic and one that adheres to standards set by the industry and our personal standards as well. Our butchery has highly skilled personnel that is well equipped, knowledgeable, and with good customer relations. We aim to give you a Kenyan treat guaranteed you’ll want again.

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